FlipSurf® – Wakesurfing Wake Shaper

9 customer reviews


  • Extra large face to maximize water displacement and boost the size of the wave
  • Strong magnetic attachment holds FlipSurf to the boat better than suction cups or Velcro alternatives
  • Switching sides of the boat is easier than with suction cups or Velcro and only takes seconds
  • Adjustable angles to customize the perfect wave
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Made of light, durable material that floats
  • Pat. # 11,001,341

What’s Included:

  • FlipSurf® Wake Shaper
  • Two (2) Mounting Brackets
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$199.99  $299.99


Take your surfing to the next level. FlipSurf® allows you to ride on a professional wake with the least amount of set up, breakdown and storage needs. FlipSurf® is easier to use than any other wake shaper on the market. FlipSurf® attaches to the mounting bracket through an effortless, magnetic connection. FlipSurf® can be adjusted to increase or decrease the size and shape of the wake to create the cleanest, longest, tallest wake on the lake.


By displacing water away from the boat on one side, the opposite side of the wake cleans up, lengthens and rolls over to make the perfect surf wake. Using FlipSurf® in effect with evenly weighted ballast on both sides of the boat will make perfect waves that you can ride without the need of listing your boat with ballast or piling everyone to one side of the boat. Adjusting the angle of FlipSurf® and adjusting the amount of ballast will increase or decrease the amount of water displaced and will adjust the size of your wave with little effort.


The design for FlipSurf® was constructed to allow for the most dynamic range of wave options while reducing the amount of white water exhibited by the wave. FlipSurf®‘s size also reduces the amount of stress on your boat, allowing for greater maneuverability, less splash and better fuel economy.


FlipSurf® comes with mounting brackets that attach to your boat via a strong, double-sided tape. These mounting brackets fit the vast majority of boats and blend in naturally with your boats contour. Once installed, FlipSurf® is held in place by heavy-duty magnets that won’t wear out like other suction-based models.


FlipSurf® collapses down to less than 2″ in thickness. Other products may require tools or disassembly, and no other option takes up as little space as FlipSurf® once folded down. Spend more time boating and less time adjusting equipment when you purchase FlipSurf®.

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9 reviews for FlipSurf® – Wakesurfing Wake Shaper

  1. John

    Before the FlipSurf, we surfed with the rope and had a hard time surfing without the rope, once we had the FlipSurf wake surfing became so much easier. The FlipSurf made the wake bigger and smoother. The FlipSurf is awesome and a must have on any boat!

  2. Greg Walker

    I LOVE your product and the service is twice as good. I had an issue and Jared from sales went above and beyond to help me and my 4 boys. You have a customer for life, truly. Thank you so much!! We are forever grateful

  3. Chuck

    I have struggled with various types of suction cup and velcro wake shapers and FlipSurf knocks them all out of the park. It is so easy to use and makes a super clean and large wave. My boat puts out a massive wave thanks to FlipSurf. I definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to turn their boat into a surf boat.

  4. Erin

    We have loved our FlipSurf on our Moomba!!! It has done exactly what they claim it does — it has made a bigger and better wave! I highly recommend it to everyone!

  5. William Sheffield

    We have loved our FlipSurf! It has been so easy to use and does exactly what you say! It makes a much bigger and better wave to surf! We love it and strongly recommend it to anyone!

  6. Emily Chamblee

    Superior customer service, went above and beyond of what I was expecting. Product works as it said it would. These guys have put in the testing and the results are there. This is a must have if you have a non surf equipped boat. You should have got this at the beginning of summer.

  7. Blake

    Tried a few different products with limited success due to the fact that my Tige has a concave hull. Suction cups would not hold no matter what we tried. Jared made some custom brackets to allow for the curve and now I have an awesome wave that is twice as long as when the boat was listed alone. I cant wait to get the bracket installed for the port side now….I had no idea that all my friends were goofy foot riders.

  8. Mark Kranenburg

    This wakeshaper is next level!! The wave on my 2013 Moomba Outback V doesn’t connect with the surf side wake for a solid 4′ past my swim platform, creating the most beautiful wave my boat has ever made. The size of the FlipSurf is almost 2x bigger than my old suction gate. My friends are always amazed at fast how easily I can switch sides without any struggle. In my opinion this is the best wakeshaper on the market. Thanks FlipSurf for creating such an amazing product!!

  9. Scott Brockway

    Best addon to my boat that money could buy. Have 2010 Mastercraft X30 – descent wake but not what I was expecting when bought. Tried other devices & played with the ballast for yrs. Saw this on line & liked the mounting system. Had to buy thicker shims but was easy to get them ordered (1 day shipping). Installation was easy & still looks descent when out of water. 1st day out after install the wake was the best it’s ever been. Super tall, super long.& very clean. Now the only thing is we put it on the opposite side of the rider – dont know if that’ll work for other people but made a world of difference on my boat. I absolutely would endorse this product & wished I bought it earlier. For the price & ease of installation anyone wanting to upgrade their wake size should try this. Love Flipsurf.

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