FlipSurf® – Wakesurfing Wake Shaper

+2 Mounting Brackets Included

15 customer reviews

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  • Extra large face to maximize water displacement and boost the size of the wave
  • Strong magnetic attachment holds FlipSurf to the boat better than suction cups or Velcro alternatives
  • Switching sides of the boat is easier than with suction cups or Velcro and only takes seconds
  • Adjustable angles to customize the perfect wave
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Made of light, durable material that floats
  • Pat. # 11,001,341

What’s Included:

  • FlipSurf® Wake Shaper
  • Two (2) Mounting Brackets

Take your surfing to the next level. FlipSurf® allows you to ride on a professional wake with the least amount of set up, breakdown and storage needs. FlipSurf® is easier to use than any other wake shaper on the market. FlipSurf® attaches to the mounting bracket through an effortless, magnetic connection. FlipSurf® can be adjusted to increase or decrease the size and shape of the wake to create the cleanest, longest, tallest wake on the lake.


By displacing water away from the boat on one side, the opposite side of the wake cleans up, lengthens and rolls over to make the perfect surf wake. Using FlipSurf® in effect with evenly weighted ballast on both sides of the boat will make perfect waves that you can ride without the need of listing your boat with ballast or piling everyone to one side of the boat. Adjusting the angle of FlipSurf® and adjusting the amount of ballast will increase or decrease the amount of water displaced and will adjust the size of your wave with little effort.


The design for FlipSurf® was constructed to allow for the most dynamic range of wave options while reducing the amount of white water exhibited by the wave. FlipSurf®‘s size also reduces the amount of stress on your boat, allowing for greater maneuverability, less splash and better fuel economy.


FlipSurf® comes with mounting brackets that attach to your boat via a strong, double-sided tape. These mounting brackets fit the vast majority of boats and blend in naturally with your boats contour. Once installed, FlipSurf® is held in place by heavy-duty magnets that won’t wear out like other suction-based models.


FlipSurf® collapses down to less than 2″ in thickness. Other products may require tools or disassembly, and no other option takes up as little space as FlipSurf® once folded down. Spend more time boating and less time adjusting equipment when you purchase FlipSurf®.

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15 reviews for FlipSurf® – Wakesurfing Wake Shaper

  1. John

    Before the FlipSurf, we surfed with the rope and had a hard time surfing without the rope, once we had the FlipSurf wake surfing became so much easier. The FlipSurf made the wake bigger and smoother. The FlipSurf is awesome and a must have on any boat!

  2. Greg Walker

    I LOVE your product and the service is twice as good. I had an issue and Jared from sales went above and beyond to help me and my 4 boys. You have a customer for life, truly. Thank you so much!! We are forever grateful

  3. Chuck

    I have struggled with various types of suction cup and velcro wake shapers and FlipSurf knocks them all out of the park. It is so easy to use and makes a super clean and large wave. My boat puts out a massive wave thanks to FlipSurf. I definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to turn their boat into a surf boat.

  4. Erin

    We have loved our FlipSurf on our Moomba!!! It has done exactly what they claim it does — it has made a bigger and better wave! I highly recommend it to everyone!

  5. William Sheffield

    We have loved our FlipSurf! It has been so easy to use and does exactly what you say! It makes a much bigger and better wave to surf! We love it and strongly recommend it to anyone!

  6. Emily Chamblee

    Superior customer service, went above and beyond of what I was expecting. Product works as it said it would. These guys have put in the testing and the results are there. This is a must have if you have a non surf equipped boat. You should have got this at the beginning of summer.

  7. Blake

    Tried a few different products with limited success due to the fact that my Tige has a concave hull. Suction cups would not hold no matter what we tried. Jared made some custom brackets to allow for the curve and now I have an awesome wave that is twice as long as when the boat was listed alone. I cant wait to get the bracket installed for the port side now….I had no idea that all my friends were goofy foot riders.

  8. Mark Kranenburg

    This wakeshaper is next level!! The wave on my 2013 Moomba Outback V doesn’t connect with the surf side wake for a solid 4′ past my swim platform, creating the most beautiful wave my boat has ever made. The size of the FlipSurf is almost 2x bigger than my old suction gate. My friends are always amazed at fast how easily I can switch sides without any struggle. In my opinion this is the best wakeshaper on the market. Thanks FlipSurf for creating such an amazing product!!

  9. Christopher L.

    A couple of reasons for this five-star review. First, it was a struggle to keep the Delta Mission 2.0 on our boat. When on, it produced a great wake, but it was a buzz kill having it constantly slip or fall off. So frustrating! FlipSurf’s magnetic-bracket system really made it easy. No slippage. No falling off. Complete confidence taking it from side-to-side with no problems at all.

    Second, when I purchased the FlipSurf, I was too aggressive with where I installed the brackets. I placed them too far back, which caused the wake to curl prematurely. Getting back late on a Friday night – I messaged the company via Instagram and Facebook about the issue. I needed to correct it by the following afternoon because we had a surf trip planned for my son and his friends. I was hopeful, thinking it was a long shot, that someone would respond on a weekend. Saturday morning, at 7:59 am, I received a text message. I was shocked, and it was from the company’s founder. For the next few hours, he was available. He provided me with straight-forward steps to re-position the brackets, even calling me after wrapping up coaching his son’s soccer game to make sure everything was okay.

  10. Sean

    I bought this product for my 95 mastercraft ski boat.
    I have tried other shapers before but I liked this one because of the adjustments and the magnets . I installed the shaper on the boat per the detailed directions that it came with . This shaper worked like a charm!! Not only did it stay on the side of the boat and not fall off like the others ones with the suction cups I was able to finally let the rope go and surf like the big dogs! Ran into a little issue with the shaper so I went to the website and contacted the number listed and the owner answered the phone!!! With a detailed explanation of the problem he sent me another out with in 2 days! Good customer service is really hard to find now adays but I’m really glad I purchased this product . If your like me and researched wake shapers all day look no further!!! Buy this one!!!

  11. Noah

    After trying a few different surf shapers, I stumbled upon the flipsurf. Not only does it make an amazing wave, but it is 10x easier to pop on and switch sides than any other shaper I have ever used and only takes about 3 seconds to put on and take off. Also, I don’t have to be the one to do it myself every time anymore. I can explain to a friend how it attaches and they pop it on in a flash. This thing is awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone that is considering. Follow the instructions clearly and place the mount on the bottom of your boat where the flipsurf tab itself will not be hanging off the bottom, repeat on the other side, and you will be good to go.

  12. Scott Brockway

    Best addon to my boat that money could buy. Have 2010 Mastercraft X30 – descent wake but not what I was expecting when bought. Tried other devices & played with the ballast for yrs. Saw this on line & liked the mounting system. Had to buy thicker shims but was easy to get them ordered (1 day shipping). Installation was easy & still looks descent when out of water. 1st day out after install the wake was the best it’s ever been. Super tall, super long.& very clean. Now the only thing is we put it on the opposite side of the rider – dont know if that’ll work for other people but made a world of difference on my boat. I absolutely would endorse this product & wished I bought it earlier. For the price & ease of installation anyone wanting to upgrade their wake size should try this. Love Flipsurf.

  13. Gabe

    I have the Delta and the Creator H3X Plus… This is by far the best one… The easiest to install ,remove and adjust….. a kid can do it and it never came off the entire summer, and you don’t have to worry about the suction cups getting damaged when you store it…. The wake it creates is no better and no worse than the other ones…. Highly recommend it ..

  14. Jaso Hrizza

    Service After Sale, Support, #Results!! Honestly, Jared the inventor – founder – owner operator main man is so awesome ! Seriously there incredible so we bought a replacement because after a while while we goofed up one time and we had this leash that was made well not made but just a little bungee buoy leash and wound up dragging in the water popping the dang thing off and we found it but it broke part of one of the arms and Jared picked up his phone when I called and we texted back and forth a little bit after that but he basically said look you got the last few older units that we had in the batch and the newer design is way better and since we were going to have to swap out the magnets he gave us some great advice a nice discount on a new unit and like literally Maybe 70% off or more on a replacement wedge since we already had the magnets for the new setup and I mean it was like basically 36 hours until we got the backup wedge unit just so we would never be without one again because with the 2007 Mastercraft X15 we got to put a lot of weight and ballasts all got to be on point and we have our attitude adjustment plate but for 2 weeks surfing it’s just not clean enough till you put the flip surf on then changes the game or throwing big clean giant beautiful open based waves smooth nice angle great shape and then of course it’s so good I can be literally three waves back on my hydrofoil with a 99 CM wing I’m being transferring people wonder how in the heck they doing that with that older Mastercraft and it’s definitely a secret combination I’ll tell you that!!!

    So if you’ve got enough weight in the boat and the wave is stacked up decently and it’s solid firm but it’s just oh crappy on the shape washing out and you always have to try to have weight or people go to this side of the boat or that side of the boat it still doesn’t really do it and I’m going to tell you what try this unit I mean ultimately just follow the instructions on how you do the install and if you need to take it off just do a really slow use some fishing line little plastic spatula take your time and it will come off just fine and the new unit also floats upright makes it nice and easy to see easy to recover if it ever comes off definitely do not use a leash or something nonsense because it wind up getting caught in the water or then if the darn thing does actually pop off because doing 45 mph and you forgot about it or rope grabs it off I mean whatever but if you lease the darn thing the boat then you’re just going to basically break it and it will still probably come off but unless something silly like that happens this thing is literally on the side of the boat with a magnet so hard you have to really mess up it’s not like it’s just go fall off for no reason not a chance of that.

    Just Mark where your water line is then either lift your boat out of the water on the lift or popping on the trailer all of the Intel all Jared if you got some other questions and enjoy!!!

    Truly the unit is pretty game changing and the customer service after the sale the support is so on point and you couldn’t really ask for anything…. In fact one surf wedge everything was still perfect but it just didn’t get all the way sealed or eventually to just had a little teeny bit of a leak so it took on a bit of water just literally shot an email I think or texted Jared and he was like no way Jose that’s not supposed to happen and he texted my boat partner and said yo new wedge coming your way and there it was so I mean no matter what you’re going to get a good unit and talk about guaranteeing standing behind their product being helpful.

    Do it to it!!! Try this thing, you got nothing to lose, only to gain !

  15. Jason Voorhees

    Have a Sanger boat and it is really hard to get the suction cups to stick. I have tried Mission 2.0 and the Swell Wakesurf Creator. I had a really hard time getting to adhere to my boat, Sangers seem to be notorious for this. And when the did stick i still could not get a push. I am a big dude so that is understandable. Saw this adaptation on Facebook and contacted them. Jared the owner was so generous with his time and patience to answer all of my questions and concerns. He even helped me install the magnets to my boat. Took the boat out with the Flipsurf system and what do you know, I was able to throw the rope in to the boat. I also have surftabs on my boat and it works better without them engaged. This product has sold me!! I am a customer for life!!

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