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FlipSurf includes a one (1) year manufacturer warranty against defects in manufacturing or materials on all new FlipSurf’s starting from the original purchase date. The warranty is only applied to SlipSurf’s that have been purchased from an authorized FlipSurf dealer.

If a product is found defective by FlipSurf, in its sole discretion, FlipSurf will be responsible to provide a replacement of the defective component. FlipSurf is not responsible for any costs, losses or damages incurred as a result of use or loss of the product. This warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and is nontransferable.

Warranty parts will be sent via general mail and will take approximately 5-10 days to arrive. Customers outside of the continental US and Canada will be responsible for international shipping fees.

Loss, damage or breakage due to:
• Use at excessive speeds beyond what is recommended in the product documentation.
• Normal use or as a result of an accident or impact with an obstruction such as, but not limited to, a dock, boat lift or another boat.
• Extended exposure to sun/heat/high temperatures.
• Intentional breakage
• Normal wear