Frequently Asked Questions

How does FlipSurf® work?

FlipSurf® wake shaper is designed to attach to the rear starboard or port side of the boat and deflects water away from the boat opposite the surfer. This allows the surf-side wake to curl over for the perfect wake.

What boats are compatible with FlipSurf®?

FlipSurf® should only be used with inboard boats only. FlipSurf® requires a 6.5 inch x 15 inch relatively flat surface on your boat. FlipSurf® is designed to handle the contours of your boat and is compatible with most boats on the market. See our installation video for more description on how much space is required to attach FlipSurf®. FlipSurf® comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee so if it does not fit your boat or you are unsatisfied in any way, send FlipSurf® back in the original packaging and we will refund your money.

Can the mounting brackets be removed?

Yes. If you decide you need want to remove the mounting brackets they can be removed. The back side of the mounting brackets have a small gap where there is no tape. Insert a plastic putty knife or something similar that will not scratch your boat and use a small pry bar to slowly and carefully peel the mounting bracket off the boat. Do not rush. Low heat can be applied to aid in the removal. Be careful to not add too much heat and damage your boat. The tape will peel cleanly off the boat and, if removed properly, will not damage your boat surface. Removing the mounting bracket will likely bend it and will require new mounting brackets.

Can I get replacement parts for FlipSurf®?

Yes, we can replace any part of FlipSurf®. Send us an email at support@fatsac.com with your order details and describe what part needs to be replaced and we will provide the cost for the replacement part.

Will Isopropyl alcohol damage my gel coat?

No, Isopropyl alcohol will not damage your gel coat. If your boat is dirty prior to installing the mounting brackets, clean the boat with soap and warm water first. Dry and then finish off by a gentle scrub with isopropyl alcohol.

Do I need to tether FlipSurf® to my boat?

No. Do not tether FlipSurf® to the boat as this can damage the boat and/or FlipSurf®. If installed properly, FlipSurf® will not come off your boat. FlipSurf® has been engineered to magnetically and mechanically attach to your boat so you don’t have to worry about it coming off when using it.

Do I need ballasts?

To get the best surf wake possible, you should evenly weight both sides of your boat with ballasts. The more water your boat displaces, the larger your wake will be. There is no need to list your boat or make everyone pile to one side.

What if I can’t install FlipSurf® at the water line on my boat?

FlipSurf® can work if it is partially out of the water or if it is fully submerged under water. However, you can adjust your ballast if needed to ensure you are able to have FlipSurf® as close to the water level as possible. See our installation video for more details on where to install FlipSurf®.

What speed is FlipSurf® rated for?

Normal surf speeds range from 9 to 13 mph. FlipSurf® should be removed from the mounting brackets when going at speeds above 15 mph. Although FlipSurf® has been tested at speeds well over 15 mph, we cannot warranty damage due to excessive speeds.

Does FlipSurf® float?

Yes, FlipSurf® is designed to float in case you drop it or it if it does happen to come off your boat.

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